Julia Łyżwińska

DISSOLVED FLEXIBILITY. Contemporary Technology and Tradition. A Footwear Series Project.

The work is the result of several years of exploration in two design areas: footwear design and 3D modeling and printing, offering new solutions both technologically and visually.


I was inspired by Neri Oxman’s TED Talks lecture, in which she designed a parametric dress for Iris Van Herpen’s collection inspired by human skin. Skin is a monolithic structure that varies in thickness, porosity, and hardness depending on its function. The application of 3D printing technology and the modification of wall thickness and infill allows for the adjustment of the same material’s properties according to its function. Adding extra wall outlines and more layers in the sole makes it more durable. Conversely, using less infill in the upper part of the shoe enhances its flexibility, providing greater freedom of movement while also reducing the shoe’s weight.

— Julia Łyżwińska

“The student, with her thesis, aligns with the widely discussed topic in the design community of the ‘new craft’ culture. […] Łyżwińska does not reject tradition but sees new technology as an opportunity to develop geometries previously unattainable, optimize production costs, reduce the use of toxic substances during the production process, and achieve many other improvements to meet emerging needs that traditional techniques cannot address. […]”

— Agnieszka Polkowska, PhD

“The redefinition of the traditional concept of craftsmanship involves using new technologies to achieve extraordinary effects and optimize work without abandoning the key aspects of handcraft – emphasizing the role of the people/artisans behind the project, the materials, and recognizing the importance of the process. This redefinition allows projects created in the spirit of ‘new craft’ to be classified as sustainable design.”

— Agnieszka Polkowska, PhD

Bachelor’s Thesis Defense

Promoter: Katarzyna Ditrich-Paturalska, MA
Auxiliary Promoter: dr hab. Olga Chomska
Reviewer: Agnieszka Polkowska, PhD


Katarzyna Ditrich-Paturalska