Iga Nikoliszyn

StoriesOnSkin – A collection of footwear with complementary elements

A collection of footwear using author’s graphics and jewelry piercings, inspired by body decorations such as tattoos, piercings, and scarification. These treatments, present in various cultures, leave a lasting and visible trace, which becomes a story written on the body, a story about identity.


I believe in fashion as a bridge between humor and seriousness, as well as a bridge connecting artistry with everyday life.

— Iga Nikoliszyn

“The author, by using candy-colored and bright hues, glittering studs, and rich embellishments in her collection, dangerously ‘flirts’ with kitsch, yet cleverly and humorously evades this label. Her shoes – objects are a collection of messages related to feminist stereotypes. Their form simultaneously manifests strength and delicacy, infantilism and maturity, gentleness and ferocity, and the use of a multi-layered platform lifts the wearer above the ground both literally and metaphorically.”

— dr hab. Aurelia Mandziuk-Zajączkowska, prof. AS

Bachelor’s Thesis Defense

Promoter: Katarzyna Ditrich-Paturalska, MA 
Auxiliary Promoter: Iga Węglińska, PhD
Reviewer: dr hab. Aurelia Mandziuk-Zajączkowska, prof. AS 
Photoshoot: @iganikoniko


Katarzyna Ditrich-Paturalska