Daria Osińska

A collection of footwear and handbags inspired by the wooden sculptures of Chandler McLellan.

The inspiration for this collection was contemporary sculptor Chandler McLellan, who allowed me to see wood from a different, technological perspective. The work focuses on combining wood, new technologies, and pop culture. The themes of the TV series “American Horror Story: The Hotel” made a significant impression on me; they are an important graphic element in my designs and set the mood for the photoshoot. The collection consists of sculptural forms that become sculptures on their own, but gain meaning and function when integrated with the body.


The sculptural, scaled-up forms, despite their potential utility, tell unique stories. Similar to the characters from “American Horror Story,” they evoke a range of emotions, making it difficult to determine whether they belong closer to the sculptural world of McLellan’s creativity or to the realm of functional footwear. Perhaps they are creating their own space at the intersection of art and design, questioning current categorizations.

— Agnieszka Polkowska, PhD

Bachelor’s Thesis Defense

Promoter: Katarzyna Ditrich-Paturalska, MA
Auxiliary Promoter: Jarosław Hulbój, MA 
Reviewer: Agnieszka Polkowska, PhD


Katarzyna Ditrich-Paturalska