Maria Kopytko

Liquid body

Are shoes the only part of the wardrobe that is so well-fitted they can be considered a missing part of the human body? The Liquid Body collection addresses the fluidity of movements during dance, in contrast to the everyday mechanics of walking. The innovative form of the footwear stimulates the viewer’s imagination.


The title of the collection operates on multiple levels, referring to the body, movement, and color. The chosen theme allows for broad interpretation, encompassing concepts of fluid, matter, and gender.

— Maria Kopytko

Bachelor’s Thesis Defense

Promoter: Katarzyna Ditrich-Paturalska, MA
Auxiliary Promoter: Michał Michalski, MA
Reviewer: dr hab. Aurelia Mandziuk-Zajączkowska, prof. AS
Photoshoot: @rodattio


Katarzyna Ditrich-Paturalska