Daria Opasiak

BIJIN: A collection of footwear and accessories inspired by subcultures

Each pair of footwear is named after the life cycle of flowers and the colors used. The most delicate designs, like “Indigo Blossom,” gloves, and shoes, symbolize the blooming stage, marking the beginning of the cycle. The boots and scarves of “Mature Vermillion” represent the mature phase of the flowers’ life. “Dying Lapis” symbolizes the cessation of the cycle, marking the wilting of the flower.


The initial sketches were based on exploring a form inspired by Tabi-style footwear from the very beginning. I aimed to subtly reference tradition fused with modernity. I decided to undertake a sort of deconstruction of the familiar Tabi shoes and present them in a transformed form.

— Daria Opasiak

After reviewing various samples of leather from companies specializing in luxury materials, I decided to incorporate cactus pulp leather into the collection.

— Daria Opasiak

Bachelor’s Thesis Defense

Promoter: Katarzyna Ditrich-Paturalska, MA
Auxiliary Promoter: Anna Gregorczyk, MA
Reviewer: Agnieszka Polkowska, PhD
Photoshoot: @tatiana_malinnikowa


Katarzyna Ditrich-Paturalska